Kyocera km 2560

The machine is a modern production.
▸ Imagine God at 25 images per minute
▸ 40G storage and 512 G
▸ Strong dram up to 950,000 copies
▸ Imagine the ordinary documents and photographs (white and black very clearly) and books, fields and objects
Third dimensions with the contrast and clarity of the instance to the extent of photographing small dots and background functioning and inserting colors with very high efficiency
Laser use in printing as well as scale gray scale up to 256 degrees as well as print clarity
600x600 points/inch

The machine is equipped to connect it to the Work Net computer network to act as a printer and color asker
▸ The possibility of pulling color a scanner  directly on the flashy or printing from the jpg-Pdf
▸ The ability to perform more than one function at the same time such as photography, printing from your computer and receiving a fax message if there is
Fax card (optional).
▸ Feder to withdraw assets
▸ It has the possibility of self-stopping after shooting to save up to 4W using Saver energy  well as automatic locking of God using *off Auto*
▸ Equipped with an electronic screen showing all the processes used in the machine with easy tactile change
This is because there is an easy and simple guide in any of the English languages - Panel Touch
▸ The ability to automatically select the original and select the paper size once the document is placed on the machine glass
*Auto Original Size Detection*
Includes: *Number 2 or 3 paper cassettes with Menial


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