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How do I choose my printer?

we recommend that you base your printer choice on the volume and frequency of output. In simple terms, if you are printing lots of documents on a regular basis, it would be beneficial to invest in a more expensive, heavy-duty machine.


Is my printer Wi-Fi compatible?

Many of our machines are now Wi-Fi compatible. To find out if your machine is Wi-Fi compatible, double-check the specification of the model that you have purchased. 


Why can’t I scan to network?

If you are experiencing difficulty scanning to a network, then this is most likely to be a connectivity issue. Double-check to ensure that everything is properly connected and try again. If the issue persists after you have trouble-shooted, then it may be worth contacting the manufacturer directly to report the issue. More often than not, though, a network connectivity failure is highly resolvable.


Can I still print using black if the colour toner has run out?

Something that often surprises customers is that greyscale does in fact use coloured toner, so generally speaking, if the colour toner has run out, you cannot print using black. However, Xerox operate a ‘run black’ system, which allows you to do this effectively with selected devices.


What is GSM?

GSM stands for ‘Grams per Square Metre’, and is a term that you will often hear when discussing media thickness.


Does my printer come with a USB cable?

In the majority of cases, your machine will not come with a USB cable as standard. However, if you have reason to believe that your printer should come with a USB cable, but this is missing from the box, then please let us know. 


Why can’t I scan to my PC?

If you can’t scan to your PC, this will usually be due to some kind of connectivity failure. Check that the two devices are connected with one another to begin with. Some older computer systems won’t be compatible with new printing devices, so if you’ve had your computer for quite a while, or it’s running on an outdated operating system such as Windows 97, then this may not work. If, once you have trouble-shooted, the issue persists, contact your printer manufacturer promptly.


What brands are best for a matte finish?

If you want to achieve a high-quality, matte finish, then HP and Brother are up there with the best.

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